Play6ix9ine & Vladimir Cauchemar – Aulos Reloaded
PlayOusemane – Short Film
PlayBoiler Room – One Night Only – Yxng Bane
PlayBoiler Room – One Night Only – Lil Yachty

Vladimir Baranovsky

Photography lover, Vladimir is a self-taught man.

Young director full of experiences he starts directing because of his real passion of images.

After plenty of projects in fashion (Givenchy, Raf Simons, Gosha Rubchinsky, etc), he also like making music video, with rough imagery (Kekra, Nekfeu, …)

He loves the artistic universe of fiction and is inspired by Spike Lee, Jeff Nichols or by photographers like Jamel Shabazz, William Eggleston or Alex Prager.

His work oscillate between raw photography and elaborate esthetics videos.

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